Fixed Barrier Guard


Model Numbering

PROTECH’s Series 20 fixed barrier guards offer superior point of operation protection and versatility.  Seven styles, six of which may be “mixed-and -matched, “ allow the user to design a system best suited for each particular application.

Type One is the conventional “hairpin” guard that features vertical adjustability of the individual pins to allow for tooling of stock feeding. The 1/4” steel pins are mounted through 3/4” solid steel rod and secured by recessed set screws. The individual panels of this guard may be tilted inward or outward as necessary for setup of adjustments, secured by set screws in the cast alloy rear and corner supports.

Type Five is a “hairpin” guard to be mounted on the front bolster or face of the machine only – the front portion is vertical hairpin and the sides utilize horizontal hairpin which allows for strip feeding. Maximum recommended length of sides is 12”. For longer see below.

Type Six is the same basic configuration as Type Five but with an additional rear 3/4” vertical bar holding the horizontal pins. This style allows for larger openings on the side since the rear vertical bar has its own adjustable horizontal hairpins. This guard is suited for presses with throats greater than 12”.


When designing your fixed barrier system, take into account the following parameters and considerations:

  1. For OBI or gap frame presses, guarding is rear-mounted at either the sides of the press frame or on the press throat using the standard rear supports. The side panels must be directly inserted into the rear supports to achieve the desired rigidity in the installation. The overall width of the guard is determined by the distance between the rear mounts; if it is necessary to fabricate a “standoff” bracket at the rear to achieve the desired width at the front opening created must be enclosed. Refer to Table 0-10 of OSHA 1910.217 for permissible guard openings at distances from the point of operation.
  2. It may be necessary to preclude access to the point of operation from above the guard. PROTECH advises that the guarding extend a minimum of four inches above the bottom of the press slide at its uppermost position. Avoid any potential pinch points that may be created between the guard and press slide.
  3. Take special note of the offset data, below, for the various types of guards. When designing a guard using Type Three Lexan® panels, remember to keep the Lexan® itself towards the inside of the guard and the support rod to the outside. For all types, side panels include four inches of additional rod (beyond guard dimensions) to accommodate affixing to the press frame. If additional side rod length is required, be sure to note on order.
  4. Don’t hesitate to be a little creative in your design – a logically designed guard will not impede production nor require endless modifications. Should you be fabricating additional bracketry for your installation, avoid using fasteners such as slot-head screws or hex-head bolts in the assembly as they are easily tampered with. PROTECH uses and recommends Allen-head fasteners.

Individual parts and components also available on hardware

Universal Mounting Kit (two corner support, two rear supports) 20-90 Electrical Interlocking Plug and Replace 42-01