Frequently Asked Questions


We have a 1 year warranty on all our standard products, shipping is covered by the end user. Warranty begins on date of shipment

We are a Made In America company that manufactures our products in our Facility in Riverside, California.

Protech Systems offers safety seminars on machine tool guarding and Machine Guarding  on FED OSHA, CAL OSHA and ANSI Regulations to assist companies in meeting OSHA guidelines regarding hazards in machine operations. These seminars provide classroom instructions and hands-on demonstrations using more than 20 production machines on our factory floor. Classes are held at our Riverside California plant or at the customers site

We offer installations on all our products and we have high skilled technicians nationwide as well as internationally

Protech does make custom Safety Blocks designed and manufactured to the customers needs. Protech can also provide a simple or full scale drawing of the custom safety blocks.

Protech Systems will work with you to schedule a meeting at your facility to conduct a safety assessment on your predetermined equipment. A highly knowledgeable technician will do the assessment and bring it back to our office , where he will work in conjunction with our engineering and sales team in order to provide you with the most efficient and best fitting solution to your machine guarding needs.

Protech Systems can help you put your machinery and equipment up to OSHA and ANSI standards. Our Engineering department will custom design a solution specifically to your equipment needs.

Protech Systems has a highly skilled and highly knowledgeable engineering department that will look at your equipment and provide a solution , custom fitted to each machine. We are capable of retrofitting any machine , from mechanical , to pneumatic and hydraulic.