3/4″ Valves


Pneumatic Monitored Safety Valve

 3/4” BSP Cat.4 Dual Channel Pneumatic Block & Bleed Valve

Maximum flow rate : Cv 3.7   P to A

  C/W Silencers. M12 Switch Connection & Solenoid Terminals. No Mounting Plate.     

-Meets B11.26-2018 safety standards.

-Suitable for categories 3 & 4, SIL 3 and PLe applications as per ISO 13849.

-Safe control between hazardous energy & the potentially dangerous parts of the machine.

            -Communicates with safety control system.

            -Dual channel redundancy provided by two valve options.

            -No possibility of manual override.

            -Isolates multiple zones tied to a single pump.

            -Prevents high restart cost for compressor.

            -Simple retrofit on existing systems.

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in