Are your machines in compliance with OSHA regulations and or ANSI standards? making sure that your machinery and heavy equipment meet the minimum requirements asked by OSHA can be daunting and easily become overwhelming if you have a large plant. Protech systems can save you time, money and unexpected citations from OSHA by conducting a machine risk assessment. Protech Systems will send highly knowledgeable, field trained , safety technicians to inspect your machinery and heavy equipment for any safety hazards. Once all data has been collected from your equipment , we will prepare a quote that will provide the required solutions to bring your machines up to standards.

What is a machine risk assessment? A machine risk assessment is a safety inspection that identifies work and safety hazards, lack of machine guarding and worker safety.

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What We Look For

  • Does the machine have all the required guards and shields?
  • Is there anti-restart protection?
  • Do we need to add an emergency stop button?
  • Do we need any machine-specific safety features or devices?
  • Are the machines bolted down to the floor?
  • Is there a proper safety perimeter around the machine?
  • Are there any hidden pinch points?

Work with Safety Experts

Protech Systems understands not only the importance of machine safety , but also the functionality and productivity of each machine. With over 40 years of experience on the field , we not only provide the assessments and quotations, we also provide the installations of turnkey and custom solutions as well as automation to your machines. Having worked in all industries and sectors across the years, know not only how to safeguard machines, but also how they work. This expertise allows us to be able to recommend the right solutions to you.

Protech Systems is backed by not only our expert field technicians and safety experts, we count on a state of the art CNC machine shop and fabrication department, a full team of engineers and a Sales team that is ready to provide the best service possible. as the trainers for CAL-OSHA, we offer the best solutions and service for your machines, operators and business.