Safety Surveys

As part of our Accident Prevention Initiative, we offer safety surveys of your plant or department, customized to your requirements. Our expertise covers: Power Presses • Press Breaks • Shears • Robotics • Riveting Equipment • Saws • Routers • Drills • Mills • Lathes • Benders • Grinders • Buffers • Projection & Spot Welders • Bending Rolls • Sheet Metal Rolls • Slitters • and many other types of fabrication and metal working equipment. Please follow the steps below to schedule a meeting with one of our machine survey specialists OR speak to one of representatives about a picture based survey.

STEP 1 – Picture based Survey 

To get started with a picture based survey , please provide us with  a list of all machines (manufacturer, model number, and machine description of each machine) to be assessed. Please email your machine list and detailed machine photos. Our Machine Safety Experts are able to do a complete assessment on your equipment just by looking at and analyzing your photos. They will need: Full Front view, Full Side view, and Full Back view of your equipment. If you would like our Machine Safety Experts to visit your facility for an assessment please go to step 2, if not, please skip step 2 and go to step 3.

STEP 2 – Schedule Onsite Visit

During the assessment, a machine safeguarding specialist will visit your site and conduct a complete audit of all machines identified by the customer and evaluate their compliance in. The assessment is based on OSHA 1910.212 General Requirements (a)(1), ANSI B11 Safety Standards for Metalworking, ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 Safety Standards for Industrial Robots, and NFPA 79.Also, during the assessment, we may request copies of electrical, pneumatic and /or hydraulic schematics and operator manuals for specific machines. This information is needed for our Engineering Department to review the control circuit for electrical compatibility of equipment being offered, to verify control reliability of the control circuit, to determine interfacing requirements of suggested equipment. If requested, this information would be needed before advancing to Step 3 below.

STEP 3 – Safeguarding Project Proposal and Compliance Report (extra)

Upon completion of the assessment, a Safeguarding Project Proposal and Compliance Report (optional)(extra) will be provided, that identifies where each machine is in, or not in, compliance with the above stated regulations and standards. In the Safeguarding Project Proposal, we will propose the best, most efficient solutions to safeguard your machines. We guarantee that these solutions will bring your equipment up to or exceed OSHA and ANSI Compliance Standards.We look forward to assisting your organization with its safety and machine guarding needs. A team member will call you to further discuss your needs and applications. We are here to help businesses small and large, tackle machine safety challenges and help make their facilities OSHA and ANSI compliant, from simple turnkey solutions to build-to-spec customized solutions.