Safe-Start Part # 50-18


Use Model #50-18 on 120-volt machines where the power cord is old, and/or you want to connect to a disconnect box or you want to install a 20 amp plug on the cord or a twisting locking type plug on the cord.

20-inch cord on equipment switch end, 8-foot cord to power supply. No plug provided 120 Volt, A.C., 60HZ, 18 AMP Maximum.

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The Safe-Start Plug:

  • Upgrades small machines to the latest safety requirements by preventing automatic restart accidents, after a power interruption.
  • Simply replaces the old power cord on machines, and plugs into standard duplex outlet.
  • Permits the use of machine “on-off” switch, a before.
  • Complies to the latest O.S.H.A., N.E.C. and N.F.P.A. safety standards.
  • Replaces old, frayed, dangerous, “Ungrounded” power cords.
  • Offers electrical disconnect compliance by unplugging.

Safe-start Plugs and Safe-starts Install in Minutes on:

Drill Presses Tool Grinders Cut-Off Machines Band Saws Disc Sanders
Table Saws Belt Sanders Power Hacksaws Polishing Machines Small Milling Machines
Stress Test Tread Mills Scroll Saws Small Air Conditioners Small Lathes Radial Arm Saws

Operating Characteristics

With the Safe-Start Plug or the Safe-Start, correctly installed on existing equipment it will provide protection against unexpected start-up and motion and motor burn-out in the following manner:

Voltage Drop or Power Interruption Protection: In the event the equipment while being operated (motor switch in “On” position) should stop due to loss or drop of electrical power due to power failure from any cause, the Safe-Start will automatically disconnect and shut off power to the equipment so that upon restoration of power the equipment will not start up even through the motor switch is in the “On”  position. In order to restore power to the equipment the switch must be turned “Off” first and the reset button depressed on the Safe-Start. In the event the equipment is inadvertently unplugged and then plugged back into the receptacle while the motor switch is in an “On” position, the equipment will not restart until the reset button on the Safe-Start is depressed.

Scope of Application

The Safe-Start is intended for installation on equipment, which is driven by a small electrical motor, operating on 120 V.A.C. or 240 V.A.C. (single phase) and which is connected to the source of electrical power by means of a 3-wire flexible cord.

Additional information

Weight 1.27 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in