Palm Button Tunnel Guard


Made from the same durable material as our palm button enclosures, this tunnel guard is powder coated yellow for a sleek and durable finish that is sure to last in even the most harshest of environments. Our tunnel guard is an extra layer of protection that will protect the hands from flying debris and chips. Easy to install , this tunnel guard will come with all necessary hardware to mount to any of our Palm button enclosures.





The series 74 Feather Touch two hand control systems are designed for general and heavy duty areas where repetitive activations of two hand buttons may contribute to fatigue or carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injuries. These super-light, tactile activation controls are designed for industrial use on hazardous machines such as punch presses and other similar machine tool applications.


  • Solid cast aluminum sensor guard & mounting, having no exposed plastic parts to break
  • Can not be fooled by cloth, electro-magnetic fields, dense objects or other items
  • No surprise proximity activations because it is too close (has light tactile feedback)
  • Has built in anti-tie down circuitry and anti-moving object activation protection
  • Fits in standard FS openings for ease of replacement of existing controls
  • Smaller, compact profile than other similar devices with no likelihood of damage
  • Cannot be activated by wrists or forearms to compromise proper safety
  • Can be mounted in any orientation consistent with good safety practices
  • Dry 10 amp rated contacts for universal applications of high or low voltage use
  • Self checking and safety rated relays and electronic logic for reliable operation

Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 6.25 × 3 in