Restraints are mechanical devices which hold the operators hands out of the hazard area through wrist straps and attachments from behind the operator. Restraints are static devices adjusted to always keep hands away from die area. Restrains work for primary operations where parts are large enough, not requiring close manipulation near the die area. These devices can not normally be used for small parts or automatic operations. Restraints will inhibit the movement of the operator to go cross handed or turn around. They are very dependent upon good maintenance, proper adjustment, worker acceptance and use and require high supervisor involvement and constant OSHA documentation from the supervisor. There is no practical method to interlock these devices into the control to insure their proper use and adjustment.


  • Arms mounted at bolster level –Allows comfortable, efficient handling of small parts.  Freedom of movement is approximately a 4 foot circle. The arms fold downward, out of the way, when not in use.
  • Efficient handling of parts –The overhead boom design offers comfortable handling and feeding of large or bulky parts. The operator can work in an approximate 10 foot circle in front of the press without having to remove the wristlets.


  • For small or medium size OBI or gap presses.
  • Press stroke must be at least 11/4” but not more than 6”.
  • Suitable for secondary operations on parts that can be handled easily with one hand while sitting or standing in place.

  •  For Large OBI and gap presses, straightside presses, or press brakes.
  • Pressstroke must be at least 2” but not more than 24”.
  • Suitable for secondary operations when:
  1. The parts are too large to be handled easily with one hand; or
  2. The die sizes necessitate a reach or pull greater than that available on the Model 19-10; or
  3. The operator must move about, sidestepping, back stepping or turning, to perform his job; or
  4. The press stroke is greater than 6”; or
  5. The press is too large to apply another.
  • 24”pull capacity – This model offers up to 24” of pull.

Model 19-30 Hold Out Devices also available
Floor mounted behind operator.

Model 19-40 Hold Out Devices also available
Mounted overhead to the machine frame.

Model 19-50 Hold Out Devices also available
Mounted overhead with machine framing with slide attachments for lateral movement. Commonly used on press brakes up to 10’wide.

Purchase Restraints

Built to last and easy to use

Detailed, Step-by-step, adjusting instructions are provided with each device.

Preventive maintenance inspection sheets and instructions are provided with each device.

Most devices are mounted entirely to the press and require no floor space.

These devices are ruggedly constructed using hardened steel parts at strategic locations. All moving parts are bushed.