Machine safety is a universal language , which is why we built PROTECHTOR an A.I Machine Safety Guarding  Assistant. So that anyone could have access to an easy to use interface that is available 24/7 and in any language.

Using Protechtor is very simple, just type your machine guarding related question in the window below where it says (type your question here), and click the send button. Protechtor will analyze your question and formulate the best  answer based on available data. 

Examples of possible questions could be as follows:

1. what are the current machine safety CAL-OSHA regulations for a vertical lathe?

2.  What are the current machine safety OSHA regulations for a milling machine?

3. What are the current machine safety ANSI Standards for a Boring machine?


Disclaimer: PROTECHTOR should be used for research purposes only. PROTECHTOR is not a human machine safety expert , therefore you should always take caution with the information you receive from PROTECHTOR. 

Protech Systems is not accountable for any misinformation provided by PROTECHTOR. Critical information should always be verified by research or by sending us an email or directly speaking to one of our safety experts at Protech Systems