For Hard to Guard Machines

The Protech Pressure Sensitive Safety Mat provides the benefit of increased safety without significant decrease  in productivity . The Safety Mat can be installed so that if a person stands on the mat, the associated machine will instantly stop and will not start until the Mat is clear. The Safety Mat is heavy duty, soft molded vinyl and is extremely resistant to wear, oils, grease, and most chemicals. It comes in a variety of sizes to best serve a company’s needs. Safety Mats may not qualify as point of operation devices on some machine tool applications because of ANSI and OSHA standards on machines such as punch presses and press brakes, but can be used to augment point of operation devices on these machines or used as primary safety devices on other machines. These mats are easily integrated into existing control stop circuits.

Unless the mats have to be removed or heavy vehicular traffic prohibits it, we recommend that aluminum molding be purchased with the mats to insure that they stay in place and dirt or other foreign matter doesn’t build up under them. Incidental heavy traffic is not a problem, we rate these mats at 1000 psi. This means that even an occasional forklift will not affect the performance of the mat (most forklifts have a foot print of about 300 psi).

Model Number vs. Size of Safety Mat:

Mat & Controller Size of Active Area Mat with Molding & Controller
78-30 10×57 78-31
78-23 27×32 78-33
78-34 27×43 78-35
78-36 27×57 78-37
78-38 35×31 78-39
78-40 35×43 78-41
78-42 35×55 78-43
78-44 41×32 78-45
78-46 41×43 78-47
78-48 42×55 78-49