Light Curtains


PROTECH Light Curtains are sophisticated point of operation and perimeter guarding devices which provide compact and superior protection for operators on many types of automated and manually fed machines or other part cycle/revolution machines which present a hazard to a person.

Designed for high production environments, these infrared light systems when properly installed, create an effective safety barrier through which no part of an operator’s body can pass without shutting down machine operation. Our light curtain system consists of a transmitter, receiver and control enclosure with inter-connecting cables. Most of the control circuitry logic connector are housed within the control enclosure.

Invisible, sequentially-pulsed beams of infrared light are generated by the transmitter unit, projected through focusing lenses across the guarded area and viewed by sensors in the receiving unit. If the path of one or more of the beams is blocked or obstructed, contacts in the system circuitry will instantly open and discontinue the “run” signal to the main machine control.

When properly interfaced with the electrical control of any machine capable of stopping in cycle, operation will be precluded until removal of the obstruction or correction of the unsafe condition.  Should there be any malfunction within the Light Curtain, the self-checking circuitry within the power supply will lockout the output and display a red light.  The Protech Light Curtain is insensitive to ambient light, smoke, temperature changes, voltage fluctuations and the proximity of moving persons or objects outside the safety field. Optional “beam blanking” allows coded supervisory setting of the system for fixed tooling or larger work pieces to enter and remain in the field without disrupting operation. Beam blanking is accomplished by a single button automatic digital part recognition system. As a safeguard when using beam blankout, the object for which the system is set, MUST be in place at the time of machine cycling in order to complete the circuitry for the “run” signal.

After many years of experience with Perimeter Guarding Light Curtains, Protech offers the “Thin Line”.   Because of its compact size construction this Safety point of operation light curtain is suited for many applications such as heavy duty or general purpose uses on a wide variety of machines area guarding and point of operation personnel hazards. The light curtain can detect a hand or other body part entering its sensing field. As soon as the light curtain “sees” the intrusion, a stop signal is instantly sent to the machine to which it is connected to stop any hazardous motion. The non-contact (passive) feature of the invisible curtain of light has a very reliable reputation for safety and ease of use.

The infrared light curtain, when properly installed, integrated and maintained, creates an effective safety barrier through which no person’s body may pass without shutting down temporarily disabling machine operation.

Thin Line is specifically designed for use as a guarding device for those tough to get at small places. The Thin Line has been rigorously tested for dependable operation under extreme production shop conditions.

A unique, multi-function light indicator system, highly visible, and contained within the receiver, the transmitter and the power supply system components, signals “GREEN” when safe to run or when unsafe, “RED”. Additionally, this unit aids supervision of machine operation with a “flashing RED light” whenever a jumper is detected across its own output contacts. This standard function, if desired, is incorporated at the time of system installation and continues to monitor for jumpers or attempts to defeat or mute the output contacts. “Muting” is generally used as a term describing an acceptable condition in some operations where that machine has a “safe” return cycle or stroke. Muting may allow faster manual feeding of parts to a machine and is permissible per OSHA requirements on punch presses meeting the requirements of OSHA 1910.217 control reliability and brake monitoring standards. Muting is not recommended for Hawk Eye applications. The Thin Line features state-of-the-art technology with solid-state modular circuitry which simplifies trouble shooting and servicing of the system. All Thin Lines have fused circuit protection. Parts and components are readily available and every system is fully factory tested before shipment.