Hand Tools


Lightweight Aluminum Tongs

The tongs are designed of lightweight aluminum alloy, exceptionally strong, yet they will “disintegrate” if caught between dies.  The Tongs are efficient in gripping and separating metal or plastic sheets. The Vacu-tongs are two tools-in-one and allow easy positioning and handling raw stock with speed and ease. Stainless steel springs are guaranteed for the life of the tools.

Total Length: 11.5″
Jaw Length: 3″
Weight: 6.5 oz
Part Number: 62014
Total Length: 7″
Jaw Length: 2.5″
Weight: 2 oz
Part Number: 62011
Total Length: 10.375″
Jaw Length: .625″
Weight: 9 oz
Part Number: 62013
Total Length: 10″
Jaw Length: 2.75″
Weight: 7 oz
Part Number: 62012 (w/30Bend)
Total Length: 7″
Jaw Length: 2.5″
Weight: 2 oz
Part Number: 62010
Total Length: 18″
Jaw Length: 3″
Weight: 15 oz
Part Number: 62015
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Extra-Strength Punch Press Lifters

Model 62079–12” handle
Model 62079–15” handle
Model 62079–18” handle

Model 62080–12” handle
Model 62080–15” handle
Model 62080–18” handle

Model 62081–12” handle
Model 62081–15” handle
Model 62081–18” handle

Magnet Lifters

With Easy-Touch Release

Single Magnet
Total length:        12”
Capacity:              5 lbs
Part number:       62016

Double Magnet
Total length:        14”
Capacity:              10 lbs
Part number:       62017

Extra capacity for extra safety
Capable of carrying much greater loads than 2 men can carry. Ideal for moving heavy gauge metal, marble slab & heavy plate glass, plastic sheets.

Part number: 62018 2 cups 4” dia. Ea.
Part number: 62019 2 cups 5” dia. Ea.

Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Handling Tool
Lifts heavy loads safely. Powerful suction cup grips material and holds until released by hand trigger. Use for loading, unloading piling and shifting sheet metal.
Model 62078: Single 4” Cup
Model 62090: Single 5” Cup

Heavy Duty Double Cups
The vacuum created by two cups allows easy lifting of heavy weights with either one or two hands. The suction is broken only when the finger-tip operate release bar is lifted.
Model 62076: Double 4” Cups
Model 62077: Double 5” Cups

Small Grabber
One finger lifter fits snugly in one hand. No metal parts all rubber composition can lift surprising variety of material. Available with or without release tabs.
Model 62088 2 .125” cup with release tabs
Model 62088-1 2.125” cup

Two Finger Grabber
No metal parts all rubber composition, two-finger style assures secure handling for lifting medium size parts. Convenient release tabs allow easy vacuum release.
Model 62089 3.25″ Cup

Combination grabber and lifter combines the flexibility of a grabber with the holding strength of a lifter. Just lift lipped edge to release vacuum. Lifts 50 Lbs.
Model 62086 4.25″ cup

Medium Duty Vacu-Lift
Comfortable & easy to use, one hand grips handle and releases vacuum with a simple finger-touch on the pushbutton release
Model 62087 3.25″ cup