Eagle Eye

Protech Systems Eagle Eye Light Curtains were designed for close proximity to hazard guarding due to its high density light beams

INPUT POWER: 115 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 8VA, or 240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 4VA.


OUTPUT CIRCUIT: 1 normally opened & normally closed set of output contacts through two relays. Internally relays are connected in series; contacts are checked when units energized and/or beams are interrupted.

OUTPUT RELAY CONTACT RATING: 120 VAC, 10 AMP resistive (Dry). All connections are made at terminal strip.

STANDARD RANGE: 30 feet Eagle Eye  (Clean environment)

RESPONSE TIME: 5 milliseconds plus 0.6 milliseconds per beam (1.2 ms./beam for KR & KX Hawk Eyes).

VIBRATION: (any axis): 20 G’s from 30 to 300 cycles/sec. Use of shock mounts will increase vibration tolerance and longevity.

MOUNTING BRACKETS: Standard heavy-duty, 3/4” thick extruded aluminum quick mount brackets supplied for low vibration uses. Special rubber shock mounted brackets for punch presses and similar applications are optional.

Small footprint compact design

  • Stainless steel brushed finished face
  • Oil tight, extruded aluminum enclosure.
  • Rugged, minimum 0.187 thickness wall, 6063 aluminum alloy and T5 temper.
  • Unsafe-muting indicator.
  • Easiest beam blankout.
  • Widest number of blankout options
  • 30 or 50-foot standard range.
  • Oil tight and water resistant construction.
  • Heavy duty quick mounting brackets.
  • No “nuisance” small profile object shutdowns.
  • High density staggered light beam array on Eagle Eye.
  • Maintenance-free; no adjustments necessary.
  • Punch Presses
  • Press Brakes
  • Automation
  • Shears
  • Rolls
  • Forges

Effective on any machine that can be stopped during the hazardous portion of its operation, the Thin Line interfaces with any 120 VAC (or lower) electrical machine control by connection of only five wires. The transmitter, receiver and power supply along with the two interconnecting shielded cables contain all logic and circuitry for the infrared system. Mounting the receiver/transmitter to the machine requires no special tools, having quick fixture mounting components as standard. Mounting options include shock mounts, machine and floor stands and brackets. No calibration of the system is necessary, and no precise alignment is required. No system is faster or easier to install.

In addition, mirror units can expand the guarded area! Mirrors reflect infrared beams from Thin Line transmitter unit to receiver unit. However, when using mirrors plan on losing about 20% power/range for every mirror surface used to reflect the beam. This percentage loss generally compensates for mirror absorption, surface dirt, vibration and marginal alignment problems since no mirror is an optically flat, perfect reflecting surface. The Thin Line is a compact, cost effective point of operation/perimeter guarding solution for most machine or robotic environments. The many available sizes and options allow the user to “spec” his own installation requirements. The powerful, standard Thin Line will span distances up to 30 or 50 feet. If larger area or perimeter guarding applications are being considered, the Hawk Eye can range up to 200 ft. Eagle Eye options include floating beam blankout, digital beam blankout with large LED display, and programmable blankout (for automatic, sequence applications) options. When used on part Revolution power presses, brake monitoring and control reliability must be provided in compliance with OSHA 1910.217.

  • Mirrors
  • Heavy duty shock mounts (set of 4),
  • Machine Mounting brackets
  • Off machine floor stands



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